School Daycare Educator

Code 4732
Diploma AEP
Sector Social, Educational and Legal Services
Lenght of training 390
Number of credits 26
School Daycare Educator
Code Statement of Competency Hours Credits
STC-011 Determine their suitability for the occupation and the work context 15 1
STC-022 Develop professional relationships in the workplace 30 2
STC-033 Work with children and groups of children of preschool and school age 45 3
STC-042 Work with children or groups of children experiencing various problems 30 2
STC-053 Plan and organize activities for children and groups of children 45 3
STC-061 Ensure the safety and well-being of children 15 1
STC-072 Oversee activities related to meals and snacks 30 2
STC-083 Conduct activities focusing on social, emotional and moral development 45 3
STC-093 Conduct activities focusing on psychomotor development 45 3
STC-103 Conduct activities focusing on cognitive development 45 3
STC-113 Integrate into a school daycare 45 3